Behind the Blooms

Hello! I’m Rachel Beery, owner of Apple Mint Flower Farm. I grow and harvest fresh flowers on our family farm, where I live with my farmer-husband and five kids. I’ve been farming my entire life –I grew up on a farm, and then married my high school sweetheart who was and still is a full-time farmer. It’s the only life I’ve ever known, and it’s a good life!

I’ve also loved growing flowers all my life. Every summer my mother grew our family’s vegetables and preserved enough to last until the following growing season; and always, in addition to growing our family’s food, she planted flowers. There were flowerbeds all around the yard –perennials that came back every year, annuals we planted each spring, red geraniums, a whole bed of daylilies –always flowers. And as long as there were blooms to be picked, there was usually a bouquet or two of cut flowers in a vase on the table or on the kitchen windowsill.

With Apple Mint Flower Farm, I’m happy that I get to combine my love for flowers and my experience in farming and gardening to grow and harvest beautiful blooms to sell.

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302 Putney Rd
Cumberland, VA 23040