Where We Grow and Sell

Applemint Flower Farm is part of our family’s full-time operating farm in Cumberland, VA, where we also grow and sell corn, soybeans, wheat and hay.

Located just 2 miles off of highway 45 south on your way to and from Farmville, VA, at 302 Putney Rd, Cumberland, you can find our blooms on the flower truck roadside stand at this location every Wednesday and Saturday, 10:00 a.m. until sun-down.

Our flowers are also available in wrapped bouquet bundles at the lovely little coffee shop nearby, The Cumberland Coffee Company. Drop in for a cup of coffee and pick up some flowers to brighten your day or a friend’s!

Announcements of changes to the schedule or new places to buy our bouquets will be posted to our Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to like our pages and follow along!

Published by applemintflowers

Flower farmer, wife to a full time farmer, mother of five, daughter of God, lover of beauty.

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